Forensic Accounting

Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting

Financial and Taxation issues in the world of commerce are becoming ever 
more complex and not all disputes are settled amicably, not even with the assistance of the Dispute Mediation services offered by CM accountants. In litigation the assistance of an expert witness is being sought more and more by solicitors, barristers and commercial organisations.

For those unfortunate enough to have the experience of being involved in litigation and court proceedings, CM accountants can provide support and specialised expertise both in case preparation and in the court hearing itself. Our reputation in the field of forensic accounting has grown rapidly in recent years. With John Green in our team we have extensive experience of cases of alleged fraud – particularly in defending clients against such claims by HMRC and the DSS.

Areas of our expertise include:

Our policy is to prepare a thoroughly researched, clearly presented and objective report to assist you in reaching a successful outcome.

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