Dispute resolution

In the increasingly difficult and complex businesses that many self employed people and companies are involved with these days it is inevitably the case that disputes will occur.

These disputes may well simply be caused by partners falling out but can also result from the misinterpretation of obligations under contracts, about quality of product and performance, about misrepresentation and a seemingly endless list of other causes.

Resolving such disputes can be time consuming and expensive and lead to a loss of focus on the core business which will inevitably suffer. Often the only solution is to instruct lawyers and issue proceedings. When cases appear before the Courts the Judge will establish whether there is an alternative resolution available to the protagonists – i.e. can the issue be solved by some form of mediation.

Mediation usually involves parties meeting at a neutral venue with the Mediator and a series of meetings, some with all parties present, some just one party with the Mediator. Mediations often lead to matters being solved and a conclusion reached by consent which is later accepted by the Court.

Cobham Murphy Xeinadin Group offers a service of Mediation in all disputes and recommends Mediation if it seems that a dispute may end up in Court. It is far better, cost-effective and quicker to attempt Mediation before proceedings are instigated than to allow the Court process – and lawyer’s bills – to kick in.

Cobham Murphy - Dispute resolution

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