CM accountants was established in 1990 to provide young and growing businesses with a quality, personal and timely service by creative, client-centred professionals.

We have quickly earned a reputation for astute tax advice and business guidance with an entrepreneurial flair.

Our growth to date has been largely due to a strong focus on what our clients want from their business advisers. You need to know what makes your business tick and we see it as part of our job to find that out.

Taking time to show you how to calculate whether you are making a profit or a loss and then identifying how each part of your business is performing, we believe, is fundamental to your gaining a real sense of control over your own business.

CM accountants specialises in helping businesses and individuals navigate through perilous financial waters, steering a course through shark infested water and fighting on your behalf the big guns of authority and bureaucracy.

On the 1st June 2019 CM accountants became part of The Xeinadin Group.

The Xeinadin Group is an extensive group of more than 2.000 advisors spanning the UK and Ireland.  Xeinadin Group helps entrepreneurs, SME’s, corporations and not-for-profit organisations achieve their goals and mission.  Through unmatched collaboration and innovation, we support and inspire you to reach your strategic business goals or accomplish the mission of your organisation. We provide all the traditional accountancy services but thrive when we can add value to your business, collaborating with a deep business understanding.  In our group, you will find all the expertise needed to help your organisation grow and reach its full potential, regardless of your sector.  Xeinadin has a global reach and knowledge but works locally with a personal touch!



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