Taxman Determined to Punish Furlough Abusers

HMR&C have suspended some of their traditional investigation methods to target employers and self employed people who they suspect have abused the support systems put in place by the Government during the Covid-19 crisis. They believe that as much as £3.5bn in Furlough support and up to £1bn claimed by self-employed people have been obtained fraudulently or erroneously.

Teams of high-level tax investigators are presently risk assessing claims to Furlough Support and Self Employed Income Support with a view to recovering payments incorrectly made or obtained fraudulently.  In addition to recovering such sums they will be seeking further sanctions, including the possibility of prosecution in suitable cases.

As happens in every aspect of HMR&C investigations information reviewed may be misinterpreted and false assumptions made as a consequence or what are no more than innocent errors treated as deliberate frauds.

If you are concerned that you may be susceptible to an HMR&C Audit in respect of such payments you should contact Cobham Murphy whose ex HMR&C staff can give you a realistic appraisal of whether you have made any errors and if so resolve matters with HMR&C on your behalf.

Similarly, if you are already under enquiry by HMR&C for suspected fraudulent or erroneous claims we could intercede on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

If HMR&C find any errors or fraud in your claims they will inevitably expand their investigations into all other aspects of your taxation affairs; action through Cobham Murphy now may prevent that happening.

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