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Cobham Murphy Limited was consulted by a landlord who had become frustrated by the attitude of H M Revenue & Customs during a long-running investigation into the figures of rental income shown on his own and his wife’s Tax Returns.

He appointed Cobham Murphy Limited to take over and our representative identified that the HMR&C Officer was intransigent and had failed to use information already supplied a number of times. However, whilst the landlord believed that his records were pristine, they were very difficult to follow and only he had the knowledge to fully interpret them. A representative from Cobham Murphy Limited unraveled the figures and was able to identify that there had been some duplicate expenses claims made but these could be balanced and exceeded by claims that had been misunderstood by the HMR&C Inspector. Within a period of four months, an overall liability calculated by HMR&C of in excess of £6,000 had been turned around into a repayment due to the landlord and his wife of almost £3,000.

Cobham Murphy Limited, after conclusion of the investigation, was able to provide advice on record-keeping for the future so that figures could be easily explained in case of a challenge by HMR&C in any subsequent years.