International Banker Rescued From HMRC Attack

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A European national working in the City of London came under scrutiny of HMR&C who attacked his residence and domicile status in the UK.

His London accountant who is very experienced in such matters tried everything but could not prevail in arguments that the client’s overseas income was not taxable here and so tried to at least reduce the £500,000 plus being demanded.  He had no success at all  with the very dogged and determined tax investigator and gave up. The client was introduced to Cobham Murphy by a professional intermediary and we considered alternative strategies before challenging HMR&C.

Fortunately we were able to persuade the officer and the HMR&C specialist who was advising him to our interpretation of the law and how it applied to our client with the outcome that he did not have to make any payment whatsoever as a consequence to that investigation of his affairs.