Innocent trader made scapegoat by HMRC

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Cobham Murphy was contacted by a solicitor acting for a gentleman who was under investigation by HMR&C in what was a potential criminal scenario.  The solicitor could not make progress with HMR&C and sought the help of CM’s high-level tax investigation team.

HMR&C had assessed the gentleman to pay almost £1,000,000 duty in respect of fuel which had allegedly been stolen and sold on to a number of traders in the UK.  He was threatened with eviction from his home which would have left him, his wife who was suffering from cancer and their children homeless and destitute.

CM examined the history and facts of the matter and was able to establish that their client was an innocent purchaser of a very small amount of fuel from the true perpetrators rather than being responsible for any theft or distribution of wholesale fuel supplies.

Eventually, CM managed to secure agreement from HNR&C that their client was not responsible and the matter was concluded without him having to make any payment whatsoever to HMR&C.