John Green

John heads up our Tax Team at CM Accounting and, under his guidance, we have developed an exceptional group of people providing high-level advice across the whole tax spectrum. He spent 23 years at HM Revenue &  Customs (previously Inland Revenue) where he was a Specialist in the detection, investigation and prosecution of large-scale fraud and tax evasion, including the use of offshore arrangements involving foundations, trusts and corporate structures to mitigate or avoid taxation.

He was part of the Enquiry Branch and Special Compliance Office Group that was the forerunner to today’s HM Revenue & Customs Fraud Investigation Service, and operated extensively throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland and dealt with many overseas entities.

John and his Team, which includes many more with similar backgrounds, are committed to providing the best possible service to people subject to Government investigations, including criminal prosecutions and Proceeds of Crime (POCA) applications. They have earned an enviable reputation for the robust defences they present in such cases.

The Team will use all endeavours to reach equitable solutions for clients and firmly beleives in the use of ADR procedures, particularly in HMR&C cases, to achieve that.